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Everlasting Kindness
By Dick Duerksen

"Give thanks to the Lord, whose kindness is everlasting!"1

God's victories seldom match our expectations. They usually exceed even our wildest dreams.

Like the day Good King Jehoshaphat and his army marched, weaponless, through the gates of Jerusalem toward certain annihilation. The enemy was stronger, faster, better equipped, and determined to take Israel to the cleaners. This was going to be one of those 998 to zero moments. Jehoshaphat was going to be remembered as the king who allowed every Israelite man, woman, and child to die at the hands of the enemy.

Unless God intervened.

Hoping for that Divine Intervention, Jehoshaphat had called all of the people together for prayer. They prayed prayers of confession. Prayers of repentance. Prayers of pleading for God to forgive, to come, to save. Prayers of hope. Then the army marched out the gates to face destiny.

At the gate, Jehoshaphat asked every soldier to lay his weapons down. "We have asked God to intervene," the king said, "let's trust him, rather than our own weapons and skill."

So they marched into defeat, imagining an impossible victory. As they marched, they sang. "Give thanks to the Lord, whose loving kindness is everlasting." "GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD, WHOSE LOVING KINDNESS IS EVERLASTING!"

Louder and louder they sang, praising God for miracles unseen, giving thanks before the gift had been given, going to war with hands lifted to heaven in thankful adoration.

It's quite easy to say THANKS over a table filled with goodies. It's much harder to say THANKS over empty cupboards.

But, "His loving kindness IS everlasting," and His only desire is for our success.

The moral of the story? God is a trustworthy friend, and you can sing victory songs anytime, all the time! Even while the enemy is screaming in triumph all around you.

"Give thanks to the Lord, whose kindness is everlasting!"

P.S. Jehoshaphat's soldiers were glad they had left their weapons at home. When they came over the pass, they found that God had destroyed ALL their enemies. It took them three days to pick up the spoils of battle, and gave them a lifetime of singing God's praises!

By Dick Duerksen. All rights reserved by Bible Bay. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines

1. 2 Chronicles 20.