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Photo: Anita Patterson Peppers
Destinations (for Youth and Young Adults) - In this life, every beginning has an ending, and every journey has a destination! Whether you're traveling by land, sea, or air, you're headed somewhere.

From birth we travel through stages that propel us toward our next level of maturity. To a great extent we determine our ultimate destination by the decisions we make along the way.

Life questions we all face: (sooner or later)

What am I supposed to do?
How to get started in a friendship with God?
What about all the stupid stuff in my past?
Given my past, what hope can I have for a decent future?
How can I overcome my past mistakes?
Putting it all together.
Should I stay in school or drop out?
Should I marry or remain single?
Where should I live?
Should I have children?
Should I be truthful or dishonest?
Should I take care of my body, or just live for today?
Should I study the Bible?
How should I treat other people?
Should I accept Christ as my Authority and Guide?

Your answer to these and other questions greatly determines who you are and where you're headed. We encourage you to seek God's appointed destination.