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LifeSavers Study Guides (PDF Files)
To make copies of the LifeSavers study guides, simply click on the link for each lesson and print them off. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files.
1. Truths that Reveal Christ 9. Beginning of the End
2. Bible Predictions Fulfilled 10. Bon Voyage
3. Three to the Rescue 11. Destinations
4. Taming Rebel Hearts 12. Gifts of the Spirit
5. How to Stay Alive 13. Cure for Selfishness
6. God's Law Still Needed 14. Lifestyle Choices
7. A Sense of Belonging 15. BodyLife
8. Does it Really Matter? 16. New Beginnings

Click here for LifeSaver lesson answer sheets in PDF format. Click here to print Certificate of Achievement in PDF format.