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Understanding God's Laws - Gain wisdom and understanding through Errol Webster's 10 Commandment Study Guides.

Bible Study Tools - As you explore Scripture, having the right study tools can make all the difference in the world. Besides having a good Bible you can mark and cross reference, you need access to a respected Bible concordance.

Disclaimer - Some of the links on this site may lead to web content that is contrary to what is represented on Bible Bay. Due to the nature of the web it is impossible to eliminate such occurrences without losing access to many positive resources. Please exercise discernment and spiritual wisdom when visiting sites that are two to three clicks away.

Important things to remember when studying:

1. Be Regular - Schedule a regular time for study (make it a habit).

2. Get Focused - Find a place that feels comfortable (away from noise).

3. Tune In - Pray before you begin. Ask God's Spirit to enlighten your mind.

4. Listen - What is God saying through this particular word and passage?

5. Compare - How does the text relate to the surrounding context?

6. Contemporize - What does the text say to me today?

Bibleinfo.com is a recommended source for anyone with specific Bible questions.