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Personal RX Spiritual Exam - Do you ever wonder about your personal salvation? Do you feel uncertain about the future? God wants you to have assurance! John says, "These things have I written . . . that you may know that you have eternal life" (1 John 5:13). To assess your spiritual condition, answer the following questions with a True or False response (check one).

1.  True  False - I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and accept His sacrificial death on my behalf! (1 John 4:2; John 3:16). Through Jesus I have forgiveness and spiritual healing. (Healthy Christians acknowledge their dependence upon God for deliverance from sin).

2.  True  False - Jesus has my heart! (Matthew 6:21). I love to think and talk about Him. (Spiritually fit Christians make room for Jesus because they enjoy His presence).

3.  True  False - I'm following God's leading! (Proverbs 3:5,6). It's kind of scary letting God take charge, but I know He's working all things out for my good. (Through obedience, healthy Christians integrate new discoveries and directions from God into their lives).

4.  True  False - I spend time each day reading God's Word! (Psalm 119:105; 2 Timothy 2:15). There are so many theories and beliefs floating around, I need the authority of God's moral code. (Spiritual wellness is enhanced when Christians take time to renew their minds with God's thoughts).

5.  True  False - I spend time each day communicating with God through prayer and meditation (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). I talk with God as to a friend, and share my deepest longings and needs. I also lift the needs of others up to God and intercede in their behalf. (Spiritual health includes daily, open communication with God).

6.  True  False - I enjoy being with God's people! (John 13:35; Hebrews 10:25). Love for fellow believers is evidence that I'm a disciple of Christ. (Healthy Christians are part of a Christian fellowship who meet regularly for worship and interaction).

7.  True  False - I look for opportunities to share my story! (Mark 16:15; Mark 5:20). God does so much in my life, I simply have to tell someone! (Spiritual wellness is evident when Christ's followers intentionally pursue a plan to share their stories).

8.  True  False - I'm growing in my walk with Jesus! (2 Peter 1:5-11; John 16:13). When I think I've learned it all, I discover something new and exciting! It never ends! (Healthy Christians aren't satisfied with staying where they are. They invite God's Spirit to continue His work in their lives).

9.  True  False - I enjoy God's peace on a regular basis! (Matthew 11:28; John 14:27; Romans 5:1). Whenever I get uptight and worry, I remember Jesus' offer to take all my cares. (Spiritual wellness is enhanced when Christ's followers ask Him to carry their heartaches, worries and fears).

10.  True  False - All of my known sins (against God and others) have been confessed! (I John 1:9: Luke 19:8). It's hard confessing my faults to others (those I have wronged), but God requires it for my well-being. (Healthy Christians don't have skeletons in their closets).

11.  True  False - I'm going to heaven! (John 14:1-3; 1 John 5:13). I have the assurance I'll be there to enjoy eternal life with Jesus! (Spiritual wellness includes a healthy outlook on the future. Even death cannot separate Christians from their hope of eternal life).

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