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How to Stay Alive
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In this lesson you'll discover how to keep your relationship with Jesus Alive!

You may have seen it or even experienced it yourself. A person accepts Jesus and is very excited about their new Christian life, but then something happens and they lose interest. Spiritual fervor dies out. They no longer care about spiritual things.

Why? And more importantly, how can this be prevented? How can faith in Jesus be kept alive?

I. Sticking with Jesus

1. Jesus used lessons from agriculture to stress the importance of sticking with Him.  John 15:4-5True  False

2. After conversion, one cannot lose interest in spiritual things and fade away.  2 Peter 2:20-21.  True  False

Unfortunately they can, and
according to Christ, it’s because they don’t understand what they’ve heard.

3. Paul likens spiritual growth to the life cycle of a child and says that some never mature because they fail to grow in their depth of understanding.  Hebrews 5:12-14.  True  False

Quite simply, our understanding increases when we apply what we’ve learned (when we act out of faith). James 2:17, says it’s possible to have dead faith, (faith that is merely theoretical and detached). Hebrews 6:1 says it is possible to have dead works. Faith and works must go together in order for either one to remain alive. Genuine works will follow genuine faith, and genuine faith will come as a result of communion with God, just as surely as sunshine is accompanied by shadows.

4. While on earth, Jesus kept His faith alive by studying books written by famous authors.  Matthew 4:4True  False

From what we know, Jesus didn't care about pop theology. Rather, He spent time with scripture. And a diet of regular Bible study will keep Christ abiding in our minds and living through our actions.

II. The Importance of Prayer

5. Jesus told His disciples that prayer would help them overcome Satan’s temptations.  Matthew 26:41.   True  False

6. Jesus preached about the importance of prayer, but had little time for it in His busy schedule.  Mark 1:35; Luke 5:15-16; Luke 6:12.   True  False

7. As the end of world (as we know it) draws nearer, Peter says we should spend more time with God's people.  Hebrews 10:25.   True  False

8. While waiting for Christ’s promise of the Holy Spirit, Peter and the other disciples prayed in the upper room.  Acts 1:14.   True  False

9. It has been said that prayer is like talking with a friend, but it’s kind of one-sided because we never know if God actually hears our prayers.  Matthew 6:5-8.   True  False

10. The Holy Spirit plays a special role in communicating our prayers to the Father.  Romans 8:26-27.   True  False

11. God wants to give us good things.  Matthew 7:7-11.   True  False

12. James refers to Elijah as one who had a nature like ours, yet God answered his prayers.  James 5:17-18True  False

III. Sharing Christ with Others

13. Jesus’ earthly mission was to seek and save the lost.  Luke 19:10True  False

14. Jesus invited four rough fishermen to be His associates.  Matthew 4:18-22True  False

It’s interesting that when Jesus needed people to help with His mission, he did not go to the temple, or to the rabbinical schools. He went into the busy stream of everyday life to find His helpers.

15. Christ gave a special assignment to His followers that extends to our day. It focuses primarily on being good moral citizens.  Matthew 28:19-20True  False

16. Through their personal encounter with Jesus, the disciples were motivated to share His love because of what they had experienced.  1 John 1:1-4. (Note especially verse 4.)  True  False

After all that they had experienced, they knew that their joy in the Lord would only continue as they shared what they had experienced.

17. Jesus told the healed demoniacs (demon-possessed men) who wanted to follow Him, to go back to their homes and be content with their new lives.  Mark 5:19True  False

18. Jesus invites us to "yoke" up with Him in godly service.  Matthew 11:29True  False

The yoke that Jesus speaks of is a common instrument of labor. Two animals are yoked together for work, such as plowing or pulling a wagon. To take the yoke of Jesus means we’re to be joined with Him by sharing in His work to bring the good news of salvation to the world. In giving us this privilege, Christ knows that we will learn of Him because we will experience for ourselves how intense His desire is to save humanity. When we share this burden for souls we will come to realize our own inadequacies to accomplish the task before us. This will cause us to become more dependent upon Him for faith and strength. To be yoked with Christ is the only way we can effectively witness for Him, and is one of the keys to maintaining our own relationship with Jesus.

19. Paul says we are ambassadors for Christ, in that we are God’s representatives to the world.  2 Corinthians 5:20True  False

20. When we share our Christian experience, we become like a lighted city on a hill and a lamp on a lamp stand.  Matthew 5:14-16True  False

21. God’s love always produces a harvest of compassion toward others.  1 Thessalonians 3:12-13True  False

22. When everyone in the church exercises their spiritual gifts, it results in confusion and disunity.  Ephesians 4:11-15True  False

It is through Bible study, prayer and sharing our faith that our own experience is kept alive and growing. This is God’s plan.


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