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How Do I Join A Church?
How do you join a church? The word church has two meanings — it can mean a building where Christians meet, or it can mean a body of Christians composed of few or many members.

In the New Testament, church is translated from a Greek word, ekklesia, meaning "those who are called out." 

We could probably say that the first "called out" ones were descendants of Adam and Eve. When Cain murdered his brother, Abel, he left home and lived in another land east of Eden called Nod. There his family lived just as they chose, disregarding God’s wishes.  

The descendants of Seth, Cain’s younger brother (Genesis 5:3), were different. They were called the "sons of God," while Cain’s descendants were called the "children of men." In a real sense these "sons of God" were God’s first church (Genesis 6:1,2).

Through the ages God’s people have been "called out." Abraham was "called out" of the city of Ur (Genesis 12:1) and established his descendants in what we later called the Holy Land or Israel. 

Israel was "called out" of Egypt (Exodus 3:9,10), and was placed in the Holy Land to be a witness to the nations, reflecting the character of God to them.
After Jesus died on the cross, His followers were "called out" to be witnesses to the world to the character of Jesus. Jesus told them to go to all the world, preaching, teaching and making followers (Matthew 28:19,20).

More than 1,400 years later, Bible students found by reading the Bible that the church had wandered away from the teachings of Jesus and the apostles. They called their students and followers to study their Bibles and return to the teachings of Jesus and the apostles — to "come out" of the established church. 

This call to "come out" was called the Reformation. New churches were formed that broke away from the established church. Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Adventists and others formed churches, each according to their understanding of the teachings of the Bible.

When you decide you want to join a church, which church should you join? The best way to find out is to read and study the Bible for yourself. From your study, decide which church best reflects the teachings of the Bible.

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When you have studied the Bible carefully, you should join the church that most faithfully follows the teachings of the Bible.

 Written by Bob Edwards, Malibu, CA. Biblebay Copyright © 2008. Click here for content usage information.