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What is a Seventh-day Adventist?
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A Seventh-day Adventist is someone who participates in the joy of God's renewal and hope. Every seventh day, through spiritual worship and praise, Adventists come together to share God's promise of a bright tomorrow and affirm one another's faith.

These Sabbath oasis' provide bright spots of joy in our often chaotic, dangerous world. They provide time for our relationship with God, family and friends to grow.


Adventists hope for the daily fulfillment of God's promise of forgiveness and cleansing. No matter how misguided one becomes, there is hope that reconciliation can be found through a personal friendship with Jesus Christ.

Bible study, prayer, and sharing constitute the basic disciplines of spiritual growth that maintain a life of anticipation.

The biblical books of Daniel and Revelation specifically appeal to today's generations with graphic images of hope in the face of judgment and tragedy (Daniel 2; Revelation 14:6-12).


Adventists believe in the here and now! Because Christ made the future secure, we're free to live in the present; to make the places we live freer, happier, and more humane. Christ's example of spiritual and physical caring provide a model that Adventists wish to follow. This is why Adventists build health clinics, hospitals, counseling centers, community service centers, and schools. Adventists believe in helping people better their lives and communities. It's part of what Jesus had in mind when He said that His followers were to be the "salt of the earth."


Adventists believe that life on earth should be positive, productive and purpose driven. God created our bodies to enjoy the wonderful sensation of touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. The world is full of wholesome foods, activities and experiences to stimulate our senses. Adventists desire to focus on expressions of lifestyle that promote lasting health and a quality existence. This means finding life's optimum balance and living it to God's glory.

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