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- Making good choices and finding safe passage to healing and renewal.

The Mask
Her delivery of the poem slammed my thoughts into an emotive wall. My daughter was preparing to participate in a Poetry Out Loud ™ event at her high school, and as she read The Mask, by Paul Laurance Dunbar, it resonated with me as powerfully as...

Along the Way
I had recently taken my daughter back for her second semester of college, dropped her off at the women’s dormitory, and was making my way back home...

In Between

- In this present age of "distracted and in-between," where do we find meaning and purpose?

At the Table
My least favorite hour of the entire week is between 11 am and 12 pm on Wednesdays.

Marathons and Banana Bread
I show love with food. Which is why if you come to me in distress or sad or happy or excited or miserable or frustrated or anything in between, I’ll probably pop a cookie in your mouth.