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- Making good choices and finding safe passage to healing and renewal.

The Heaven's Declare
Did you know that the electron shell of the carbon atom produces the same harmonic scale as the Gregorian chant? Or that whale songs can travel thousands of miles underwater?

Words of Gold
No one had talked to me like that...ever! I was the kid that always seemed to be getting into trouble, and try as I might, I just couldn’t seem to behave in ways that made people happy.

In Between

- In this present age of "distracted and in-between," where do we find meaning and purpose?

Deep Dark Secrets
There’s always that one thing. That one thing that you fear that others will find out about you. Ok, maybe it’s more than one thing. I’ve got like five deep dark, horrible, shameful...

Weekend In the Rain
“Can nothing go right?!” I was at my whit’s end! You see, I had been planning a fun weekend at my parent’s house for some of my college friends, and nothing was going right.