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- Making good choices and finding safe passage to healing and renewal.

Our national debt is devastatingly high while the collective moral compass of our country is spinning out of control. From coast to coast, many families struggle to make ends meet while others seem oblivious as they attend lavish parties.

The Four Letter Word
There is a four letter word that can be deadly to spirituality if we rely on it as the sole means of our relationship with God. It might seem benign and innocent enough, but it can become a spiritual malignancy that dwarfs our spirituality.

In Between

- In this present age of "distracted and in-between," where do we find meaning and purpose?

Change Is Possible
I work at a university counseling center. I spend my days talking to amazing college students. Many of them are in pain, not physical pain, but the kind of pain that does not show up with a blood test...

A Surprise for You!
Let me tell you something about myself: I love surprises! But not when it’s 6:30 in the morning and not when they come from my personal trainer. See, in a moment of weakness, I allowed myself to be talked into purchasing...